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The Metamorphosis of Gray's Research

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In this image, we see Barrientos' work titled Enumerating Snakes of Polyominoes printed May 16 2013. My name was added due to my contribution to the topic. Barrientos added Minion's name as a good faith gesture.

Minion graduated Spring 2013. She was denied acceptance to the graduate schools of her choice. Per Minion and Barrientos, this was due to Minion's inability to prove herself as an effective researcher. Barrientos suggested that Minion join our research efforts and reapply for grad school in the Fall.

During the Summer of 2013, Minion failed to contribute anything towards research. Her name was removed from the project as reflected on the document titled Enumerating Snakes Polynominoes.


Enumerating Snakes of Polyominoes
Download • 2.12MB

This file contains the complete text of Enumerating Snakes of Polyominoes. It illustrates Barrientos's complete understanding of the topic before he included my intellectual property.

.13 Barry Gray Enumerating Snakes P

This file contains Enumerating Snakes Polynomioes. Credit is given to Gray and Barrientos. This work contains none of Barrientos's original discoveries. All original discoveries were found by Gray. Barrientos wrote this paper as an example for Gray to follow in her master paper. Barrientos wanted all of Gray's discoveries to reference his area of focus including alpha and graceful labelings and caterpillars. Gray wanted to include findings related to science to refllect her interest in engineering. Barrientos included Gray's discovery which relates Lozanic's Triangle.

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